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Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids provide the utmost in advanced technology, ensuring that you can optimise your hearing ability with reliable and highly effective aids.

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Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids make it much easier to hold a conversation - even when several people are talking at once, or when there is excessive background noise. The digital technology allows your hearing aids to continuously assess your environment and adjust automatically to the sounds all around, selecting speech frequencies over background babble.

Claire is an independent hearing aid dispenser in Lincoln, so you can be sure she can offer the latest digital technology from all manufacturers, including Widex. She will assess your hearing limits to gain a thorough insight into your requirements, and once she understands your lifestyle and hearing loss, she can recommend the ideal digital hearing aids to suit your individual requirements.

Widex is one of the most respected producers of user-friendly, high quality digital hearing aids. With more than five decades of persevering research they have become expert in developing unique and thoroughly tested solutions to compensate for all types of hearing loss. As a result, you can be sure that Widex hearing aids have been specifically designed to help optimise your hearing ability.

Invisible 'In Canal' Hearing Aids

With the advances in technology available today, hearing aids can be extremely discreet if you wish. Invisible hearing aids are moulded to the shape of your ear canal, therefore are comfortable to wear, easy to put in the morning and remove at bedtime.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of improved hearing and nobody will know your wearing a state of the art hearing aid. Contact Claire for further information or to arrange an appointment.

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Hearing Loss Symptoms

Recognising the symptoms of hearing loss as soon as possible will allow you to take steps to make it easier to manage so you don’t suffer as a result.

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Wi-Fi Hearing

Wi-Fi hearing aids work as both behind the ear, and in the ear systems and combine convenient wireless communication between devices.

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About Claire

Claire has over 25 years of experience in this field and can offer a FREE hearing test, ear examinations and hearing consultations. Claire is independent and is recommended by the Consultant ENT Surgeons throughout Lincolnshire. For private digital hearing aids, widex hearing aids, hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers and noise protection devices choose the hearing aid professional Claire Armitage, Hearing Aid Consultant.

“Claire has over 25 years of experience and is recommended by the Consultant ENT Surgeons throughout Lincolnshire.”