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Secretary at The Lincoln Private Hospital
Telephone Claire 01522 567 081
Secretary at The Lincoln Private Hospital

Wi-Fi Hearing

Wi-Fi hearing aids offer the reliable and effective features of a digital hearing aid, alongside the comfort and convenience of wireless connections.

Wi-Fi Hearing

Wi-Fi hearing aids work as both behind the ear, and in the ear systems and combine convenient wireless communication between devices with the most advantageous and adaptive features of high quality digital hearing aids. Hearing your television, mobile and landline telephone is made easy again with Wi-Fi streaming the sound directly to your hearing aids cutting down unwanted background noise.

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Claire Armitage is one of the most respected hearing aid dispensers in Lincoln and comes highly recommended by many ENT surgeons throughout the county, so you can be sure she can offer the latest digital technology from all manufacturers. She will assess your hearing limits to gain a thorough insight into your requirements and hearing loss, and can recommend the ideal Wi-Fi hearing aids to suit your individual needs.

Call Claire today on 01522 567 081
Claire Armitage

Claire Armitage

SRCP RHAD MSHAA | Audiologist & hearing aid consultant

Claire has over 36 years of experience in this field and can offer a FREE hearing test, ear examinations and hearing consultations. Claire is independent and is recommended by the Consultant ENT Surgeons throughout Lincolnshire. For private digital hearing aids, widex hearing aids, hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers and noise protection devices choose the hearing aid professional Claire Armitage, Hearing Aid Consultant.

“Claire has many years of experience and is recommended by the consultant ENT surgeons throughout Lincolnshire.”


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